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Company History

Inaba Foods produced its first pet foods in 1958.Since then we have been producing products based on the concept of high quality pet foods made using selected ingredients.

1958 Began producing pet foods
(exported products to the U.S)
1958 1958
1973 Began exporting “Petreet”, cat foods with rice, to Italy 1973
1989 Established CIAO Pet Foods Division 1989
1990 Launched “CIAO Whitey Series” 1990
1993 Break into the dog food market 1993
1997 Established Inaba-Pet food Co.,Ltd  
2000 Launched “CIAO baked bonito” CIAO Yaki Series(Cat snacks) 2000
2004 Established Qingdao Inaba Foods Co.,Ltd 2004